Sab Kuch Online Q&A #5: Reduced pension under Provident Fund | EDLI

Again i have taken few questions and comments on my youtube channel Sab Kuch Online where many of viewers and friends have asked questions regarding Employee Provident funds and ESI.

I have tried to give best solution in my knowledge.
Watch this video till the end to know the answer of questions taken in this video.
Few Questions taken in this video are :
(a). My age is 48 years and have left the job after 10 years. I have withdraw my pf and i want to invest in mutual fund should i invest into it?

(b). Should i go for reduced pension?
2. I have transferred my EPF but in PF passbook it not showing. what to do now?
3. What is EDLI in Provident fund?
4. How much advance i can get from my provident fund account?
5.  If doctor not written rest under ESI can i get sickness benefit?
and many more question in this video.

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