Sab Kuch Online Q&A #2: PF Data Mis-Match

Sab Kuch Online Q&A #2: PF Data Mis-Match
इस वीडियो में आपको EPF से सम्बंधित कई सारे प्रश्न लिए गए हैं जो की viewers ने पूछे थे तो आइये  प्रश्न क्या है और उनका क्या solution हो सकता है| 
In this video i have taken questions asked by viewer related to EPF and given the best possible solution related to PF questions.
प्रश्न कुछ इस प्रकार हैं :
Question are :
1. क्या मैं अपना PF निकाल सकता हूँ और कितना PF निकल सकता हूँ ?
Can i Claim my PF? how much pf i can claim?

Answer : Yes, you can withdraw your PF after leaving the job while working with an organization you can only take PF advance for few conditions specified in.
If you taking advance from PF online in that case you will get only the amount contributed in EPF by you means your EPF share only.

2. मैं  UAN No. का पासवर्ड भूल गया हूँ और मेरा मोबाइल नो. भी बदल गया है | मैं कैसे आना UAN का पासवर्ड दूसरे मोबाइल नो. पे मंगाऊँ जबकि मेरा data भी मिस-मैच बता रहा है ?

I forget my UAN no.password and my mobile no. also changed. How i can get new password on my other mobile no there is a problem coming data-mismatch while trying to retrieve the password.

Answer : I have explained this in this video please watch the complete process to know how you can retrieve the UAN password and get new UAN password on other mobile no.
3 . मैंने अपना PF नहीं निकला था पुरानी कम्पनी का और मुझे अपना PF डिटेल भी नहीं पता है | मैंने  अपना PF  कैसे निकल सकता हूँ ?

I have not withdraw the PF of Old organization and don’t remember the PF details, How i can withdraw the PF?
Answer: If your PF account is Inoperative means contribution not deposited since last three years or more its become Inoperative account. Please watch my this video in that i have cleared out how to active your inoperative account and withdraw your PF.

4. क्या मैं Phonepe App से  क्रेडिट कार्ड का बिल पेमेंट कर सकता हूँ.?

Can i pay Credit card payment through Phonepe App?

Answer: Phonepe UPI app launched by Flipkart and here you can pay bills, recharge & shop. Also you will get deals and offers.
Yes you can Pay Visa Credit card bills to through Phonepe UPI App.

Want to Download Phonepe app Click here

5. मेरे पास UAN no. है  क्या मैं अपना पफ withdraw कर सकता हूँ बिना employer signature के  ?

 I have UAN no. how i can withdraw my pf without employer signature.

Answer:  Yes, you can withdraw your pf without employer signature as new form available where your aadhaar whould be linked with UAN than only you can.

Also you can withdraw PF if any gazetted officer sign your form.

6. मेरा 5 month का  PF है मैं उसको withdraw कर सकता हूँ क्या?
I have 5 months PF can i withdraw?

Answer:  Yes, you can withdraw but you will not get EPS amount as your service is less than 6 month.

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