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Is Employer PF Contribution included in CTC?

Is Employer PF Contribution included in CTC

Is Employer PF Contribution included in CTC?

In this article i have taken few question related to employee provident fund (EPF) and others from related topics. You will get to know the answer of your question in the video too.
Question: Is Employer PF Contribution included in CTC?
Answer: Yes, Employer PF contribution included in CTC. If you less the employer contribution and other deductible  statutory contributions of employer ( ESI contribution, gratutiy amount for the year, bonus amount if included) its become gross salary.

From Gross Salary if your contribution of PF, ESI, TDS and other recovery or other deductible amount deducted than your salary become inhand salary.

watch this video for more questions and answer:

Question: PF Claim Status not showing on EPFO portal, what to do now?
Answer: It may be due to server error or heavy traffic on EPFO portal, so please keep patience. Some times its happen.

Or may be due to claim status not updated on EPFO portal. So just wait till claim status not get settled or rejected.

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