Here Are 5 Amazing Yoga Tips To Increase Your Immunity

Be it a cold or an infection like corona, better than all these can be fought on the immune system’s strength. A strong immune system keeps you away from all these diseases and can also help you get healthy sooner when you are unwell.

The question is how to improve the immune system, so the simple answer is yoga. If it is said that yoga is the cure for any kind of health problem, then it will not be wrong.

Therefore, in this article, we will tell some such yogasanas that can improve the immune system and prevent many infections, including Covid-19. Along with this, we will also tell you how to do yoga to strengthen the immune system.

Besides nutrient-rich foods to strengthen the immune system, yoga has also had practical importance.

According to research published on the website of NCBI (National Center for Biotechnology Information), stress has been seen to have negative effects on human health.

It also has a bad effect on the immune system. Therefore, stress can be reduced by doing exercises like meditation, yoga, and muscle relaxation. It has a direct effect on the immune system.

Yoga To Increase Immunity – Yoga Poses To Boost Your Immune System

It has become clear that reducing stress can improve the immune system. Here we will know about those yogasanas through which immunity can be increased. Some of these yoga asanas are such that scientific research is yet to be done on how they benefit the immune system.

1. Tadasana (Mountain Pose)

The benefits of doing Tadasana are many. Under research, some people were made to do yoga asanas, including Tadasana. In this research, it has been found that positive affect was seen in immunity by doing yoga. Also, there was some benefit to the problem of diabetes.

Tadasana (Mountain Pose)

Method of doing Tadasana:

  • Stand straight on the yoga mat with the ankles and toes touching each other.
  • Keep both hands straight along the body.
  • After this, while raising the hands, entangle the fingers together and keep the direction of the palms towards the sky.
  • While breathing, raise the heels and try to stand on the toes.
  • In this state, the body’s weight will remain on the toes and try to pull the body upwards. Also, keep breathing at a normal pace.
  • Stay in this position and then slowly exhale and come back to the previous position.
  • Repeat this process 8 to 10 times.


  • Avoid doing Tadasana if there is a problem of headache, insomnia, and low blood pressure.

2. Tree Pose

Research on various yoga asanas, including Vrikshasana, found that yoga can control negative behavior. This can balance the mind and body, thereby boosting the immune system.

Method of doing the tree pose:

  • Stand straight on the yoga mat and keep both hands by the side.
  • Now bend the right leg and place the sole of the right foot on the upper part of the left thigh.
  • Keep in mind that during this time, keeping the left leg straight, the balance of the foot has to be maintained.
  • When the balance is achieved, take a long breath and take both hands above the head in the posture of Namaskar.
  • In this posture, the balance must be maintained by keeping the spine straight.
  • After this, slowly stand in the same posture and do the same action by standing on the other leg.


  • Do not do this asana if you suffer from migraine, insomnia, or low or high blood pressure.

3. Padangusthasana (Big Toe Pose)

Padangusthasana is also a yogasana that strengthens both the mind and the body. It can help boost immunity and improve blood circulation in the body.

Method of doing padangusthasana:

  • Stand straight on the yoga mat and keep your arms straight.
  • Now while exhaling, try to bend forward from the side of the hips. Be careful not to bend at the waist.
  • While bending forward, do not bend the knees.
  • Leaning forward, hold the toes of both your feet with the first two fingers of your hands.
  • After this, breathe in a while, moving your head and torso upwards.
  • Then while exhaling slowly, tilt your head and torso down as much as possible.
  • Try to touch your head with your knees as much as possible.
  • Keep breathing comfortably. While inhaling, lift the torso upwards and while exhaling, move it inward.
  • Remain in this posture for 30 to 60 seconds.
  • Then while breathing in, slowly stand up straight.
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  • If someone has back pain, don’t do it. Also, do not put more stress on your physical capacity.
  • If the back pain increases while doing this yoga, stop immediately and contact the doctor.

4. Triangle Pose

This is another asana in yoga asanas for strengthening the immune system. It is believed that by doing this asana, memory can be corrected. Trikonasana can help relieve many types of pain and increase immunity.

Method of doing triangulation:

  • First of all, stand by keeping a distance of about two feet between both the feet and bend the left foot slightly outwards. Also, keep both hands close to the body.
  • Now spread both the arms away from the body parallel to the shoulders. Then while breathing comfortably, move the right hand up. Keep in mind that the hand should be close to the ear.
  • While exhaling without bending the knee, bend from the waist to the left. During this, move the right hand upwards.
  • Keeping the waist straight, try to touch the left ankle with the left hand.
  • After reaching this posture, bend the neck in the right direction and try to look at the right hand.
  • Stay in this posture for about 10 to 30 seconds and keep the breathing rate normal.
  • Now take a breath and come back to the normal position.
  • In this way, you can repeat this asana for


  • Do not do this asana in low blood pressure, high blood pressure, migraine, diarrhea, neck and back pain, and injury.
  • If there is any problem while doing this asana, one should immediately consult a doctor or yoga specialist.

5. Chair Pose

Utkatasana is easy to do and has many physical and mental health benefits. The immune system can be boosted even by doing this asana.

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Method of doing Utkatasana:

  • First of all, stand on the yoga mat in the position of Tadasana.
  • Now keep both hands straightforward. If you want, you can also do the hands upwards. Apart from this, the fingers of the hands can also be taken over the head by intertwining them, as described in Tadasana above. The direction of the palms will be towards the sky.
  • Then bend the knees and make the body posture as if sitting on a chair.
  • During this, keep the back straight.
  • In this posture, keep your balance while breathing at a normal pace.
  • Stay in this posture for 30 to 60 seconds and then slowly exhale and return to normal posture.


  • Do not do this asana if there is an injury to the knees or ankles.
  • It should not be done even if there is a problem of insomnia and headache.
  • Even if there is pain or injury in the back, this asana should not be done.

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