Top 10 Network Marketing Company In India

We are living in a world where marketing is regarded as quite important indeed. A network marketing business actually depends on a large network of people. Therefore, it is also called direct selling or multilevel marketing, which is quite helpful to make more profit.

Do you know what are those highly profile 10 network marketing company making a great buzz in India? You might be having so many questions in your mind regarding it. Do not worry as they are being answered here.  Let us check it out in a detailed manner-

1. Avon

Avon is counted as a high renowned company and has always been high in demand indeed. It is a reputed company indulged into dealing in personal care, household and beauty products.

It is a distinguished British company. Moreover, it is also ranked in the fifth position. It makes it feel proud of being known as the largest organization dealing in beauty products introducing amazing sales figures crossing 5.7 billion dollar mark by the end of the fiscal year 2016.

2. Herbalife

The next on the list is Herbal life, which has already created a great buzz at the forefront. Herbalife is known as a trustworthy company highly dedicated to offering good quality healthy products at competitive prices.

Moreover, it is also known for having market trust and change the nutritional habit of people. Talking about its respect, it is regarded as a highly respected company indeed.

It is also known for occupying the 3rd position when it comes to the global arena. In 2017, it goes noticed a lot for generating 4.43 billion US dollars.

3. Amway

Amway is another name on the list established in the year 1959. Amway has also carved out a special image at the forefront.

It is known for its high standard business policies, direct communication method with customers that makes it outstanding at the forefront. Studies say that it made revenues at US 8.6 billion dollars in 2017.

4. Infinitus Global

And the fourth one is Infinitus Global known for its amazing success in this field at the forefront. Infinitus is a Chinese origin company indulged in two prominent niche health and tradition.

It keeps introducing the best quality product holding the capacity to stimulate the resistance as well as the immunity power of a body for a long time.


QNET is next on the list being known as a network marketing business. It is associated with a part-time home-based business. Here it needs to important that Qnet is not an investment but an MLM.

Its selling revolves around two business models called Single-level marketing and multilevel marketing. QNET can be regarded as any other modern direct selling business including sales made going with one-on-one demonstrations as well as personal contact arrangements.

6. Tupperware

We all know how Tupperware is popular. When it comes to buying quality based kitchen products. Here, it also needs to mention that the plasticware giant is another big name when it comes to the network marketing company in India.

Tupperware is doing really good at the forefront indeed.  It has been serving in this world for a long time. Having its presence for over 20 years in the country makes it completely trustworthy.

And therefore, it is regarded as the company is one of the most trustworthy direct selling brands.

7. Vestige

And next on the list is Vestige Marketing Pvt. Ltd. It was established in 2004 with the motto to serve a customer in a better way and it did really well too. The company has quickly gained a lot of popularity among youngsters for its amazing projects.

It grounds among their direct sellers. It has diversified into multiple products and become quite popular upon generating a lot of great returns for its sellers.

8. Oriflame

And this brand cannot be circumvented at all. It is quite popular indeed and does not need any specific introduction at all. This beauty product company is known for introducing the best quality products at great prices indeed.

It is the fastest-growing network marketing company in India and doing very well too. It comes up with amazing products as well as dedicated sellers. The company is also going with the direct seller space to make more profit.

9. Altos

Altos was established in the year 2000 and it has also carved out a special image at the forefront indeed. Altos generally belongs to the healthcare product segment and catering to the best service without contemplating the quality indeed.

They are a member of IDSA which also makes it a trustworthy brand to go ahead. It is regarded as a trusted network marketing company.

10. Blulife

The next one is Blulife Marketing Pvt. Ltd  possibility to reality which is in direct selling started in 2016. Blulife within 2 years its become of member of IDSA. They have patented their payment plan too as in general companies only patent their products.

Blulife received the “Fastest Emerging Direct Selling Company – India” in GTF World Sumit 2019.

In India, the network marketing business is booming too. It is popularity is rising day-by-day. And the prominent reason is that online direct companies are allowed to run.

They go with direct selling guidelines issued by the Government. Because of these guidelines, it is regarded as a viable as well as sustainable for a long time indeed.

Studies also say that these companies are growing so well in India because of the following accurate methodology.

High profit can easily be achieved since there would be no retailers or distributors in the marketing chain. It means it goes with the fact of minimal investment but high motivation.

That is why it is getting quite successful. Network marketing is indeed amazing and that is why it is getting quite popular since it brings profit so speedily if executed in the right way.

In The Last –

I hope the above-mentioned information would be helpful to you. If you have been contemplating to get into this field, then having profound knowledge is quite essential.

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