Tips to Identify Deceptive Employees

One of the common deceptions is when an employer calls an employee and he does not answer it. On the very next day, he apologizes telling him he was out of the office and that is why he could not answer the call.

When the truth will become a common practice, employers will face less trouble. Businesses will less crash and competition will become fair. Unfortunately, employees lie, which can be dangerous enough to damage the entire organization. However, how the employers can know that his employees are deceptive?

There has to be a deception identification method that employers can easily use to find which employee is lying. Like a deception identification suit, that susceptible employees may wear and then tell all the truth. Well, that is all a myth, and there is no such thing available.

Here we have a few things that can work. These have been frequently tested and they can surely bring you the results.

Look for the Facts:

Finding the facts will surely be easier if employers have detective instincts. In the absence of that, they need a responsive tool that can help them identify deception. Well, one of the practical and highly recommended tools is OgyMogy. It is an employee monitoring app that can make employers know everything that happens in their business.

With OgyMogy, employers can listen to the calls, read messages, review emails, and track employees. It is a comprehensive business monitoring tool that unveils everything that employers cannot see. Indeed, it is much like, the employers can be on every desk and with every employee the entire day.

OgyMogy can pile up the facts. Now if an employee tells the employer that he was busy working on the tax assignment, though he was not, the employer will easily know what he was doing. Indeed, deception will surely move out of the workspace.

Adopt Honesty:

OgyMogy is surely a perfect tool that every business needs for fair practice. Further, there are some behavioral improvements that an employer also needs. Everyone reading this content must have read the story on the moral “As you sow so shall you reap”. The insight of this story is that the way you will behave, others will also behave the same with you. Certainly, you have to become honest first.

It might have happened that an employee wanted to talk to you, and you asked the manager to tell him that you are not in the office. Indeed, you were busy, and you had to do that. But what if you keep on doing that? Your employees will repeat the same on you, as honest with you will not mean for them.

So the best way is to first change your habits and then expect the others to be good with you.

Tolerate the Mistakes:

Mistakes are a part of human life. Everyone makes mistakes and no one can ever control them. An expert driver can jump over a speed breaker at high speed by mistake, as he could see that coming.In the same way, employees can do mistakes. They can send mistakenly send a wrong email to the wrong person. Upon knowing if they tell you that mistake happened, and you begin to scold them, then they will not do any better. Instead, employees will start hiding their mistakes from you. Indeed, they will become deceptive because of your behavior. So why not just accept that mistakes happen and instead of being angry you should work with your team on a solution?

That will surely work wonders, and employees may not hesitate to tell you that they made a mistake. Also, you will be able to take the full benefit of OgyMogy. It helps track the employees’ performance and employers can see live footage of employees working. Hence they can help employees avoid mistakes.

Review Performance:

There are a lot of employees who play deception to climb up the ladder. They seek development with their deceptive skills instead of performance. Well, it is indeed difficult to observe performance, but employers can make it easier with OgyMogy. Indeed, it will let them stop believing in the word of mouth and look into the facts and figures. Further, this will not just improve the environment, instead will also demoralize deceptive employees.

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