How To Write A Career Objective Statement That Will Get You Better Jobs

If you want to get a better job you need to keep your resume updated and ready to send to potential employers when the need arises.

There are many aspects of your resume that you can draw an employers attention but today we’ll focus on the career objective statement and how this part of your resume will help you get better jobs no matter what field you’re in.

What Is A Career Objective Statement?

A career objective statement is placed at the beginning of your resume to show companies what kind of job it is you are looking for and how you’ll add value to their organization.

It can be a simple sentence that details your career ambitions, qualifications, and skills that make you the perfect candidate for the job.

For example, “I am a primary school teacher looking for a position in a private school where I am able to apply my 7 years teaching experience in early childhood development, curriculum development and technology orientated instruction that fosters academic success”

How Do I Write A Career Objective Statement To Get A Better Job?

How To Write A Career Objective That get you better jobs

A career objective statement is an especially helpful tool as it allows you to direct your own career path. In the aforementioned example, you’ll realise that the teacher already said that she wants to be employed in a private school. If she was in a public school beforehand this would definitely work as a way for her to move forward in her career.

1. Define Your Ideal Job

When you create your career objective (which should only be about 3 sentences long) you want to identify immediately what kind of job you are looking for. In the example above she doesn’t mention the kind of job she wants but rather the place of work, she’d like to be employed at. Both work fine.

If you want to work at a specific type of company you should list what kind of company that is. For example “I am looking for a job in a fast-growing tech startup” When employers read this they’ll immediately know if they’re the right company for you.

Whereas if you add the kind of job you want, for example, “Seeking a position as a senior developer” this means you don’t mind what sort of company you work at, what is important is the job you hold within that company.

2. List Your Experience and Skills That Are Good For This Job

If you want potential employers to be intrigued by your application you shouldn’t be shy to list your experience, skills, and expertise. In the example above the teacher specified that she had 7 years experience as a teacher, but that she specialises in early childhood development. This is a great statement to elaborate on her desire to work in a private school.

3. Show How Your Skills and Expertise Are Beneficial

Lastly, employers will not be interested in your application unless you show them how your experience is beneficial to them. The teacher expressed how her skills were beneficial by stating that her skills “foster academic success”. By reading these few words an employer already knows that the students she has taught have achieved academic success, and if they’d like the students in their school to do the same they should employ her.

Now that you know how to write your career objective statement to get a better job, you should keep in mind these tips:

  • Keep your career objective statement short.
  • Tailor your career objective statement to the job you’re applying for.
  • Don’t use unnecessary words to sound eloquent or intelligent.
  • Show yourself in the best possible light by highlighting skills and expertise (if you don’t have a lot of work experience)

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