EPF Withdrawal Process Online: How to Fill PF Withdrawal Claim Form Online

EPF Withdrawal Process Online with UAN implemented to ease the claim process as well its easy to track online the claim status of PF withdrawal.

Recently Employee Provident Fund Organization (EPFO) decided if any epf member unemployed he can withdraw 75% of the EPF balance after one month of unemployment.

The rest balance pf amount i.e. 25% can be withdrawn as usual after two months of unemployment.

To withdraw the 75% of provident fund amount the epf member has to fill form 31 (PF Advance Form)

For rest, 25% of provident fund amount after two months of unemployment member have to fill form 19 for PF and from 10C for the pension fund or pension certificate.

Some Important Points to Know before processing PF withdrawal Online

  • UAN number must be activated.
  • Aadhaar must be linked with the UAN.
  • Aadhaar must be verified in UAN.
  • Mobile number must be registered with the UAN.
  • Bank Account must be linked and verified in UAN.
  • PAN Card must be linked and verified in UAN.
  • If withdrawing full PF amount date of exit must be mentioned in UAN

PF Withdrawal Process:

Provident Fund withdrawal process can be done in two ways:

  1. Through Offline / Physical Form submission for PF Withdrawal
  2. Through Online Form submission for PF withdrawal

Offline / Physical Form submission process for PF Withdrawal

There are two types of forms:

  • Composite Claim Form (Aadhaar)
  • Composite Claim Form (Non-Aadhaar)

What is the difference between Composite Claim Form (Aadhaar) & Composite Claim (Non-Aadhaar)?

There only one difference in Composite Claim Form (Aadhaar) you are not required to get signed the form by the employer.

Whereas in Composite Claim Form (Non-Aadhaar) employer signature required on the form.

Also Read: How to Fill Composite Claim Form (Aadhaar) / (Non-Aadhaar)

Following steps to follow for Offline/Physical Form submission for pf withdrawal process:

  1. Fill the Complete Composite Claim Form (Aadhaar)/(Non-Aadhaar).
  2. Enclose the documents as mentioned below
    • Copy of Aadhaar Card
    • Copy of PAN Card
    • Copy of Bank Passbook or Cancelled Cheque
    • Form 15G / 15H (For Taxation Purpose)
  3. If filled the Composite Claim Form (Non-Aadhaar) then get signed by employer otherwise not required.
  4. Put your Signature on all the documents enclosed with the form.
  5. Deposit form with the enclosed documents at EPFO Regional Office.

EPF Withdrawal Claim Procedure Online With UAN

Follow the steps given below to withdraw PF claim online:

Step 1- Go to UAN Portal

How To Withdraw Pf Amount Online - Goto UAN Portal

Step 2- Login with UAN Number and enter the Password then fill the exact captcha shown below the password and then click on sign in.

How To Withdraw Pf Amount Online - Login

Step 3-  Check the KYC completed or not, click on Manage and from drop down list click on KYC.

How To Withdraw Pf Amount Online - Check KYC in UAN

Step 4- As shown in the figure you can see on the screen that your aadhar card , pan card verified or not (As it is mandatory if applying online). Also, check your bank account details are correct or not.

How To Withdraw Pf Amount Online - KYC Status

If KYC not completed than watch  this Video on  How to complete KYC in EPF


Step 5-  Click on the ‘Online Services’ option in Menu and select ‘Claim (Form-31, 19 & 10C)’ from the drop-down menu.

How To Withdraw Pf Amount Online - Online Services Claim

Step 6-  EPF member details will be displayed on the screen. Enter the last 4 digits of your bank account and click on “Verify

How To Withdraw Pf Amount Online - Verify Bank Account Number

Step 7- Next Screen will pop-up and Click on “Yes” to agree with the terms and conditions of the certificate of  undertaking and proceed further

Without agree these terms and condition you will be not able to proceed for pf withdrawal

How To Withdraw Pf Amount Online - Certificate of Undertaking

Step 8- Now click on the “Proceed for Online Claim” option

How To Withdraw Pf Amount Online - Proceed for Online Claim

Step 9- In this form, select the claim you want to apply for under the tab “I want to apply for”.  Following forms may be available as per your eligibility :

  • Form-31 –Partial withdrawal of PF
  • Form-19 – Complete PF withdrawal
  • Form-10C –Pension withdrawal benefit & scheme certificate
Member may be not eligible for any services like PF withdrawal (Form 19) or pension withdrawal (10C) due to their service criteria or may be previous organization have not entered the Date of Exit then those option will not be display in the drop-down menu.  
In such cases only one option will be available that is form 31 provided the service criteria.

In this case it’s showing only one Option “PF Advance (Form 31)” under the tab “I want to apply for” so select that option.

How To Withdraw Pf Amount Online - I Want to Apply For

Step 10- Another form will be opened as shown below in figure from where you have to select the “Purpose for which advance is required”, Select the appropriate purpose of taking advance from the options.

  • Non Receipt of Wages
  • Illness
  • Power Cut
  • Natural Calamities
  • Purchase of Handicap equipment
  • Construction House
  • Higher education
  • MarriageHow To Withdraw Pf Amount Online - Purpose for Which advance apply

Step 11 – Enter the amount required and fill your correspondence Address.


How To Withdraw Pf Amount Online - Advance Amount and Address

Step 12 – Tick on the Checkbox of certification

How To Withdraw Pf Amount Online - Tick For Certification

Step 13 – Click on Get Aadhaar OTP and you will get an OTP on your mobile linked with aadhaar. Enter the OTP and click on Submit.

How To Withdraw Pf Amount Online - Get Aadhaar OTP

Step 14 – You may be required to upload scanned documents depending on the purpose you have selected for which you filled the form.

Step 15 – EPFO will verify and approve your withdrawal request if you are eligible and PF withdrawal amount will be transferred into your Bank account mention in your UAN number at the time of filing the claim.

Generally, the money gets credited within 15-20 days, although there is no time limit provided by EPFO.

You will receive an SMS on your mobile number registered with UAN, once the claim is processed and the amount transferred into your bank account.

Also, you may check your claim status online on EPFO website or watch this video to know more how to check claim status.

Benefits of Online PF withdrawal

Employee Provident Fund Organisation encouraging to apply pf withdrawal online it could be Transfer of PF / PF Advance /EPF Withdrawal /Pension Withdrawal. Here are a few benefits of applying pf withdrawal claim online with uan :

  • No need to visit the employer for signature on form as its get verified online automatically if KYC is already done.
  • No need to visit EPFO regional office or send the hard copy to EPF office which takes longer time.
  • Claim status can be tracked from day one from online whereas in a physical submission it takes time to upload the status.
  • Take less time to settle the claim.
  • In physical submission sometime chances of missing or not receiving the document by an authorized officer if sent by post.

How much TDS will be deducted on PF Withdrawal?

  • PF member has not completed five years of his / her continuous service in that case TDS will be deducted.
  • If the EPF withdrawal amount is more than Rs.50,000/- than TDS will be deducted, earlier the limit was Rs.30,000/-.
  • If Pan not available – 34.608% (including 30% TDS + 4% Ser Charge and taxes)
  • At the time of withdrawal submit Form 15G to avoid TDS deduction at source, if your total income (for the financial year) is less than 2.5 Lakhs.

FAQs Related to EPF (Employee Provident Fund)


– When I can Withdraw my full PF amount?


You can withdraw your PF amount after leaving the job.

Under para 69 epf scheme its clearly stated that “An employee in any establishment to which the Act applies provided that he has not been employed in any factory or other establishments to which the Act applies for a continuous period of not less than two months immediately preceding the date on which he makes an application for withdrawal. “

It means after 2 months of leaving the job and not working anywhere that member can apply for pf withdrawal either online or offline mode.


– What is partial PF Withdrawal?


Partial PF withdrawal is taking money from your pf account as an advance for the purpose mentioned in EPF.


– What are the various Forms and purpose for withdrawal under EPF Scheme?


1. Full and Final EPF Settlement – Form 19

This form is filled when epf member left the job and not working anywhere or retired and he wants to withdraw the full accumulated amount in his PF account.

To withdraw the full amount from EPF or Final settlement of his pf account member has to fill Form – 19.

2. Pension withdrawal or Pension Scheme Certificate – Form 10C

In PF account there is EPF and EPS (Employee Pension Scheme), For EPF I have already told you Form – 19 to fill same as for the withdrawal of pension amount person has to fill Form 10C.

A person who has not completed 9 years 6 month can withdraw his pension amount by filling the form 10c along with form – 19.

If an employee has worked more than 9 years 6 month he will get pension after the retirement age which is 58 years. for that, he can take pension certificate by filling the form 10C.

3. Partial PF Withdrawal / EPF Advance – Form 31

A member can partially withdraw from pf or take advance in some emergency case specified in EPF.

Advance can be taken from only the epf account, not from the pension account.

Member has to fill form 31 if he wants to partial withdraw /advance from EPF.

4. Transfer PF from the previous company to New Company – Form 13

A member left the job and joined a new organization he can transfer his pf into the new company he joined as the pf number of both company will be different. So he has to fill form 13 for transferring the claim and get verified by the new employer.

5.  Declaration Form – Form 11

An employee who joined the new organization he has to fill form 11 and submit to his new employer.

He must attach the bank details proof, pan card, Aadhaar card so that new organization can update his existing uan with the newly created pf account. 



– Is Pan Card Mandatory for EPF withdrawal?


Pan card required for taxation purpose if you are taking advance from pf or withdraw full amount from PF.

Otherwise, TDS will be deducted on the source which will be higher tds slab i.e. 34.6%.

– Can I withdraw my PF and pension amount before 6 months of the job?


Yes, PF amount can be withdrawn if the member left the job before completing the 6 months. But pension amount can’t be withdrawn as its required more than 6 months contribution.


– How much I can take advance from PF account?


EPF advance can be taken for the following purpose mention in the table as well as how much advance can be taken for that reason


Purpose of Advance

Para of EPF Scheme

Max Withdrawal Limit

Purchase of House/flat, construction of House


employee and employer share

with interest

Advance from the fund for illness


Employee Share with interest

Advance from the fund for marriages or post matriculation education of children.


50% of Employee

share with interest

Withdrawal within one year before retirement


90% of the amount in

PF of the member

Advance to member affected by the cut in electricity


max 300/-

The employee has not received wages for more than 2 months continuously (for reasons other than a strike)


Employee share

with interest


– Can I change my mobile number in UAN number?


Yes, you may change the mobile number. You have to log in and go to your basic details where you can update your new mobile number.


– What is the PF interest rate for FY 2018-19?


Pf interest rate for the FY 2018-19 is 8.65% which is increased by 0.10% from the FY 2017-2018.

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EPF Withdrawal Process Online with UAN

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