How To Use Upwork To Make Money Online

Upwork is a freelancing platform that allows you to be paid per hour instead of paid per job as is the case with Fiverr. It’s great alternative for freelancers with more experience and who want to be paid more per job.

In this post I will detail how you can make money with Upwork, but before we do that let’s delve into why you should consider using Upwork as a freelancer:

You Get Paid Per Hour Not Per Job

If you’re already freelancing you know that many sites like Fiverr, even though they’re easy to join you may not make the kind of money you were expecting to make. Since they charge per job and then they take 20% off your job. So a $5 gig on Fiverr you’ll only earn $4 and the client pays $7. On Upwork, however, you get paid per hour, so the longer a project takes the more you’ll get paid.

You’re Able To Create Long Term Business Relationships With Clients

Fiverr is all about getting cheap work for clients. There isn’t an emphasis on repeat orders and repeat clients. Some clients may choose to hire you again, while others won’t. But with Upwork you’re actually able to communicate with clients outside of the platform through things like Skype and email, and build a relationship that even if you were to leave Upwork clients could still contact you.

You Can Be A Full Time Freelancer

With Fiverr you’re probably just earning money on the side but with Upwork you can actually get paid a full time salary that even your friends will be envious of. As you grow on the platform you can charge more per hour of work you’ve performed and soon you’ll be earning more than the minimum wage per hour in India Rs250.

How To Make Money Online With Upwork:

Get Experience:

When you first join the platform don’t be tempted to set high prices, work your way up the ladder by taking on clients that will pay you $3 to $5 per hour. Once you have reviews and enough work samples increase your prices, until you’re working at a fee you think is reasonable.

Send Customised Proposals To Clients

Don’t send template proposals to clients. Create a proposal for the job you’re applying for and include a call to action. Like a follow up skype call to talk about the project or even a chat over Facebook messenger or Whatsapp, whatever you think a CLIENT will prefer. Then once that’s done you follow up on Upwork to ensure they’re ready to proceed.

Manage Your Time

Since you’re being paid per hour you need to be sure you’re working enough hours to cover your monthly expenses. Find out how much that would be and then set your hourly rate. As you’re starting out and earning less per hour you should be working more but over time you can work less hours a day or choose to work the same amount of hours and earn more.

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