How to Supervise Viber Messenger With Spy App?

Presently, we are witnessing new technological advancements with every passing day. The internet and smartphones are one of the greatest innovations of this era. They have made it effortless for us to keep in touch with our dear ones and the entire world with just a click. We spend approximately nine to ten hours on our digital devices using instant messengers like KIK, Viber, WhatsApp, and others to know what’s happening in our beloveds’ lives.

Viber is one of the most prevalent IM apps that are free for download for iOS, Windows, and Android cell phones. It is a social network that empowers us to enjoy free voice and video calls, private and group text conversations, stickers, emoticons, gifs, send files, share location, and much more free of cost.

If your girlfriend or children spend most of their time on Viber, then it is your obligation to know what they are doing. Employers should also monitor the Viber messengers of their work-from-home workers and virtual assistants to ensure they are not deceiving them and not wasting time on private conversations. 

Are you wondering how you can track someone’s Viber chats secretly and remotely? The answer is very simple and easy—usethe Viber chat spy app. It is a powerful software that is specifically designed to help parents and bosses to spy on the Viber activities of their offspring, significant others, and team members.

With its assistance, you can keep an eye on every single activity performed on this platform including exchanged text messages, voice messages, audio and video calls, location and file sharing, and many other things.

You can conveniently grab detailed information about what your loved ones and employees are up to. The best thing about it is that it works in a stealth mode in the background, so the targeted person won’t be able to know that his instant messenger is being supervised.  

Why Viber Is Popular Among Teens And Adults?

There are numerous reasons behind its popularity. Both adults and kids are attracted to it because it allows them to spend time online with their friends, relatives, and office associates. Children love it because they can make calls to their peers and communicate with them for several hours without investing a single penny.

Besides, sending messages, this app allows its users to send pictures, videos, documents, and much more. Just because it’s widely popular, this is the reason modern software developers have created surveillance tools to support individuals to monitor the Viber actions of their beloveds and workers all the time.

Why People Prefer Using The Spyware To Track Viber Messenger?

Mainly, there are two biggest motives to supervise someone’s Viber chats, calls, and other acts discreetly. Guardians all over the world are interested in knowing what their kids do on their mobiles. However, they are unable to track their mobile and computer usage with traditional methods. That’s where the surveillance apps come in handy.

With the help of these tools, parents can stay updated about what sort of deeds their children are performing on the web and what type of friends they have on social networks like Twitter, Facebook, Hike, Viber, and others. Of course, entrepreneurs also want to shield their businesses and organizations from being a target of data theft or information leak.

Nowadays, companies use multiple social media platforms to interact with their consumers. To protect your emails, confidential data, and social accounts from any hacking attempt, you should rely on the monitoring software to track your workers 24/7.

What Is The Viber Spy App Capable Of?

  • You can take a look at recent activities of the monitored person.
  • Observe what sort of images, videos, stickers, and emoticons they exchange with their Viber contacts.
  • You can view and read Viber private and group conversations from a remote place.
  • Users can keep an eye on call logs details along with the accurate date and time schedules.
  • You can record the Viber screen with the screen recording function through a dashboard.
  • Capture and listen to the incoming and outgoing voice and video calls of your teens and employees.


TheOneSpy Viber chat spy app is a remarkable solution for worried parents and business owners. It helps them supervise their offspring’s and staffs’ acts invisibly and ensure they are not indulged in misconduct.

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