How To Make An Android App For Free

If you’re looking for a way to have your website, blog or business stand out from the crowd you should consider making an android app. The thing about Android apps is that they’re quite popular and not just with tech-savvy consumers. They offer businesses a way to promote their services and products in a less direct manner. If you ask customers of your business to download an app you’re more likely to get them to do that, you can then use the app to boost awareness about your business or brand.

For online marketers (affiliates) and bloggers, having an app can also increase your influence so long as it’s helpful to your readers and audience and free of malware.

However, what stops many businesses, affiliates and bloggers from creating an android app is that they feel they lack the expertise and knowledge to do so or they’re not able to afford to hire a programmer or developer to complete the app.

But there are simpler, cheaper methods that will allow you to create an android app for free and get paid for the app you create.

1. Use AppsGeyser

AppsGeyser is absolutely free to start off with and it offers you a drag and drop solution that requires no coding to start creating an app. It works similar to a website drag and drop page builder, all you have to know is what you’d like your app to look like and then off you go.

It’s really that simple. To get started you’ll need to sign up, choose a template and then customise that template to create your unique app. Afterward you’re able to monetise your app either by pricing your apps or displaying ads in your app. The revenue you create from your app you’ll have to split 50/50 with AppsGeyser.

2. Use Andromo

Andromo has a free option that allows you to create 1 free app. This is a great way to dabble in app creation. After that it’s $8 a month to create an app that you’d like to monetise by offering it as a premium app on Google Play Store. With the free version you’re not able to turn off ads, you have to offer your app as a free app on Google Play and you’re limited to creating one app over the course of your plan.

3. Use CreateMyFreeApp

This website allows you to create a free app that you’ll be able to publish on Google and the Appstore. Yes, they don’t only offer free app creation for android but IOS as well. You get to decide if you’d like to monetise your app or not. But what’s really great about this website (besides the fact that you don’t need coding experience to get started) your users are able to use the app offline as well, so they won’t need data or access to the internet to use your app and interact with your brand, business or blog.

Apps are the best option available if you’re looking for a quick way to expand your reach. You can create an app that anyone can use and not one specific to your brand, that way you’ll receive more downloads on the Play Store.

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