How To Get A Free Domain And Free Hosting

In the blog post How To Make Money Online Without Paying Anything we looked at how you can start earning money online without having to invest any start up capital to see returns, as you’ll be required to with lots of online schemes. But all of the ways mentioned in that blog post require you to have a website, blog or large social presence to get started. This isn’t a prerequisite to joining site we mentioned but it does make money through affiliate marketing easier.

But what do you do if you don’t have any money to invest? What is the solution if you haven’t got a cent to get an affordable domain and hosting? We all have to start somewhere. Right? And that’s why I’ll be offering you help in the form of this quick guide to help you get a free website or free blog that can help you start making money online.

4 Ways To Get A Free Domain And Free Hosting:

1. Create A Website With Or Blogger

On you’re able to create a free blog. However you won’t be able to use a free domain name of your choosing and will instead be given a extension. So you website will appear as [yourwebsitename] and you won’t get a branded email address. If you choose to go with blogger you’ll also get an extension like [yourwebsitename] and powered by Blogger will appear in the footer of your website. This shouldn’t bother you as you’re starting out, especially if you plan on using affiliate marketing to make money online.

2. Get A Free Domain With Freenom

Freenom gives you access to many top level domains that are absolutely free. Some examples are the .tk, .ml, .gq, and .cf domain extensions. These are free domains you can use in India. These extensions allow you to have a website name like [yourwebsitename].tk or [yourwebsitename].ml which looks a lot more professional than other free options.

3. Get Free Hosting From Infinity Free

If you really want to start a free blog or free website in India where you can promote your affiliate offers you’ll need to have a hosting package that allows you to install (the self hosted free version of Infinity Free is a website that allows you to do this. Through the service you’re able to get free domain hosting for your free domain.

4. Use Medium Or Google+

Medium and Google+ are additional options that make it easier to promote affiliate products and earn money online. Medium is perfect if you’re writing longer blog posts on various subjects and you can phrase these subjects or topics in an appealing manner. Whereas as Google+ is an excellent place to share short posts that link back to other lengthier posts.

It’s important that when you’re starting out you don’t spend too much money setting up a professional blog or website, and instead you make use of every free tool at your disposal. This means that when you do start making money from your endeavours you’ll be making a significant profit that will allow you to upgrade your website and blog to make even more money.

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