coScopes of digital marketing in India

Brief intro

Before proceeding with the scopes of digital marketing, you need to know what is digital marketing. In a clear context, digital marketing is an advertising and promoting your products through internet mode.

As most of the users in the world are using the internet therefore, digital marketing in Canada has emerged as the scope for future.

While going back to the previous era, radios emerged as the most prominent mode of communication, and as such people were using radio to the good effect. At that time radio was used as the mean of advertising.

A lot of audio ads were there on the radio through which it was easy to reach out as many audiences as possible. But at that time population was not that much. 

As time advanced, a lot of significant changes have taken place in technology as the traditional radio was being replaced by the televisions. These televisions have been a key source of entertainment during the 20th century. Many popular programs, all the breaking news were being shown in video mode.

In true terms, if we can say then audio was being changed to video mode. Advertisements at that time were well enhanced into modern action. People that time was relying on television for buying the products or the poster were being passed on various places. 

But as the 21st century has risen, time has completely changed, and adding butter to the fire, Corona took place in 2020 which has shocked the entire world.

This pandemic has disturbed the world’s economy to such a level that everyone was pleading for mercy to gain that level of treatment from the medical healthcare experts. 

But one thing that the 21st century has bestowed on us is that digitization has taken over every aspect of society. It was due to the Corona pandemic that free internet was introduced in India and as result digitization has spread its paws across each corner of the nation. 

As the latest report in 2021, almost 60% percent of the world’s population uses the internet that is 4.66 billion. Out of these users, 4.28 are unique users are 4.14 are social media users.

As time has gone, less than 1% in 1995 were using the internet now you know how much the time has changed considerably. This shows the growth of internet users to 20%. 

With the evolving prospect, that time is not too far that almost 90% percent of the world population will have access to the internet in the coming future. You will be surprised to know that India has surpassed the most powerful country in the world the USA in terms of the total number of internet users. On top of the list is China followed by India then the USA followed by Brazil at number four. 

As per the latest report, more than users were globally used use mobile phones for communication. As per the report, 4.14 billion unique mobile users were using mobile to good effect. Nowadays, the majority of smartphones with internet access which allows the customer to connect with business anytime and anywhere. 

Future scopes of digital marketing for professionals

There are wider scopes for digital marketers who want to opt for this field. Digital marketing is a vast field that inculcates all the necessary precautions required for the well-being of society.

Well, there are plenty of different options for digital marketing. Here are some of the ranking of professionals in the digital marketing field which are stated below

  • Social media specialist
  • Email marketing specialist
  • SEO executive 
  • Online reputation analyst
  • Content marketing executive
  • Link building specialist

Apart from this, there are certain higher-level rankings in digital marketing as well. 

  • Digital branding head 
  • Social media manager
  • Digital marketing strategist
  • Social media manager 

Scope of digital marketing after COVID-19

No doubt, COVID-19 is a disastrous pandemic that has brutally taken over the lives of millions of people across the world. But COVID-19 has somehow bestowed the modern society a lot which Corona has been a front runner from the front end. 

Digital marketing has opened the gate after COVID-19 as a lot of people are relying on the internet for one very important thing. Across most places in India lockdown was being imposed. As a result, Work from home ( WFH) became prominent that has done a great deal of internet upliftment for which future generations will thank us later.

This Work from Home has somehow has risen the demand for the internet as a result many popular telecom services like Mukesh Ambani’s Reliance has endowed the society with a boon that is the Jio that offer free internet for some time. 

This allowed companies to target these specific users. Many individuals are now shifting towards freelancer services. Demand for quality freelancers has increased as an offline mode. Over the last few years, digital marketing in India has witnessed an exponent growth and by the end of the year, it is expected to generate a growth of 20 lac jobs per year.   

In modern times, nobody can ignore these users. Hence, a career in digital marketing offers a lucrative platform to a lot of aspirants. Opportunities in a digital marketing career offer the right path for every candidate to adopt such take to excel in their field greatly in the future.

You can even work as a freelancer or as a full-time entrepreneur. If you are an expert in some regional language as marketing in rural areas is thriving.


Concluding the entire article in short that yes, digital marketing has the wider scopes in our country as due to job lacking due to COVID-19, digital marketing has taken a huge leap to offer that level of satisfaction and job to the youths who are graduates.

This is the main result as a lot of users are using the internet. More than half percent of the national population is using the internet to good effect. 

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