5 Friendly Tools That Can Turn Your Doctor’s Website Mobile-Friendly

Good to find that you are thinking about building an online chamber for your existing and potential patients. Nowadays, having a website is a must. Even the doctors need a digital platform to showcase their presence and to connect with the digital audience online.

But one thing you have to keep in mind that the website should be both responsive and mobile-friendly. The two features of a website are like two fundamental factors without which you can’t expect desired results from your online base. 

Online marketing for doctors starts with developing a mobile-responsive site.

5 Friendly tools that can turn your website more mobile-friendly

In this article, we will uncover 5 different tools that when used for your site can turn your outlet more mobile-friendly.

1. Gator – website builder:

Do you want to design a mobile-friendly website for doctors? Gator, the website builder can help you to reach your best. Gator is created by HostGator that is packed with over 200 web design templates all are mobile-responsive.

With these mobile-friendly templates, you can easily create a perfect design that fits all your mobile devices. In addition to this, you also have the advantage to customize your design using drag and drop builder tools.

Get a guaranteed mobile-friendly look using Gator.

2. Choose WordPress themes :

Gator is a paid website design tool. But if you are looking for something inexpensive, within your budget, you can definitely move on to the familiar WordPress themes. Trust us, the themes are more trending, beautiful, and definitely mobile-friendly.

WordPress is an open-source CMS platform, used by a majority of website creators. To build a site, you don’t have to pay a single buck, nor you have to perform any coding yourself. However, if you choose the paid templates, things are different.

While browsing over the WordPress themes and templates, you can have a live preview before selecting anyone. When you choose the ‘live preview’ option, you can witness exactly the same theme as the one you want to have.

3. FitVids and FitText:

Your site may contain videos related to a medical procedure, doctor’s interview, treatment, and so on. What if the videos are cropped when you visit the site from your mobile?

To avoid such technical issues, FitVids plugin can be the best option to rely on. It is a JQuery plugin that turns all videos available on the site mobile-friendly. The videos automatically adapt the screen size of the device and run perfectly on the screen of the viewer. This boosts the engagement rates, conversion rates, and obviously the site performance.
 You need to perform the same thing with your text. Your digital content should fit the size of the screen, no matter how lengthy it is. With FitText tool, you can turn your font-sizes flexible. This goes properly with the device screen size of the viewer.

4. Adaptive Images:

Adaptive Image is a tool that determines the screen size of the viewer and resizes the images accordingly. If you want your images to perform great on different mobile devices, this tool will serve you with the best.

Whenever a new screen size is determined, the tool create, cache, and provide the rescaled versions of the HTML images. It works automatically and works in a perfect way so that the images fit the screen size.

Other than resizing the images, Adaptive Images even amplify the image loading speed while decreasing the UI lag. Just add some codes and turn your images mobile-friendly.

5. Resizer:

Resizer is a tool that determines whether your site is working properly with every mobile device or not. Using tools like FidVids, FitText, and Adaptive Images, you can make the desired content of the website mobile-friendly. But to check whether the design is looking good or not, Resizer can be the best option.

Resizer is a free mobile-friendly design tool that shows the appearance of the site on multiple devices including mobile and desktop. No matter what the screen size is, it adapts the screen size and displays exactly what it looks like.

Final Thoughts :

Studies have found that 52% of mobile traffic is generated for a business website. 52 is indeed a big figure which you just can’t avoid. Hence, turning your site mobile-friendly should be your primary step.

While searching for doctors or treatments, patients always look for a convenient option. As a consequence, having a website that is compatible with all mobile devices add a complement to your service. Other than having a mobile-responsive website, you can even create a mobile app to serve the needs. Get the best digital marketing services in India and design an app that is easy to download, easy to install, and easy to use.

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