4 Online Jobs From Home For Students

Juggling your studies and a job is difficult for students. That’s why having a flexible solution that allows you to work from home and at your own time is ideal. This way you have enough time to study and focus on your assignments and other projects, and you won’t jeopardize your academic success.

As a student your expenses could be as high as Rs. 15000 a month so having a way to earn extra income will certainly help, and you’ll be able to spend on luxuries  you otherwise wouldn’t afford. The work experience you gain during this time can also help you later on in your career, if you choose to do work in your field of study.

1.   Become A Website Content Writer

Finding content writing jobs online is pretty simple. There are a variety of places you can sign up to to write anything from blog posts, to email campaigns and even product reviews. Depending on where you sign up you won’t have to have an excellent command of English but your writing needs to be understood and legible. If you do have great writing skills in English then you can sign up wherever you like.

Where To Find Website Content Writer Jobs:

2.   Become A Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant works like a personal assistant but. Clients will request that you do various work for them, for example that you capture data, do research, organise their websites or even upload products to their ecommerce store.

The type of work you do really depends on what you’re willing to do. You could even make calls on behalf of your clients and send emails.

Where To Find Virtual Assistant Jobs:

3.   Become A Transcriptionist

To be a transcriber you need to be able to type fast while listening to audio. You’ll also need an excellent command of English (since most transcribing clients will want you to transcribe English audio). Things you won’t be able to overlook is good punctuation and grammar. You can earn slightly more transcribing than you would earn through content writing.

Where To Find Work As An Online Transcriber:

4.   Be A Web Designer Or Graphic Designer

By far the most popular of all the jobs, web designers and graphic designers are never short of work online especially if they price their services competitively. Doing this kind of work you can do anything from creating logos to creating premium sites with lots of functionality. You’ll have to decide what work you’re able to do that won’t distract from your student duties.

Where To Find Work As A Web Designer Or Graphic Designer:

Another thing to consider before you join freelance networks is the time zone you’ll be working in. On average the USA is 11 hours behind India, depending on where in the USA your client is. The UK is only 5 hours behind. Having this knowledge can help you create a schedule so you’ll have enough time to study and attend classes and work in the evenings for international clients.

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