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History, in school, has always been a subject that has received mixed reactions. If we trace our days back to school, we will remember at least a bunch of people who snored in history classes. While some sleep, some enjoy the stories offered by historians.

Some people find remembering the names and dates of the dead and the places long lost a fascinating world while for some it bores them even when they think about it. For some people, it is an interesting read, while for some it is just a way to pass the examinations.

Every subject has its implications and a different set of following. History, being a subject of vast diversity, acknowledges our past and gives us the way of living that has been adopted from the past.

History is a subject which inculcates the habits in humans that have led them to the way of living they have adopted. We live in the present, plan our future but all this planning is framed by the events of the past. History is not just a subject it is a study of who we are and what we are.

We learn where we came from, how we have lived our lives in the past, and how our lives shall be in the future. The morals we have developed and the values we follow are the decisions we made in the past to have a functional life today.

History also gives us skills like the ability to assess conflicting interpretations, ability to assess evidence, and experience in assessing past examples of change.

Many people will study it due to the compulsion from academics but we will give you several reasons as to why history has defined who we are, how we live, and why we should study it preferably from 1-on-1 tutoring.

1. Developing an Understanding of the World

We know how we live now. All the technology, culture, society, people, etc. are a part of our world. But to know why we are doing things a certain way, why we follow a few protocols, we study history. It gives us a detailed description of the events from the past and defines our thought process to help us understand our present better.

History allows us to realize our mistakes from the past, to see how we have triumphed over evil and how we have overcome different obstacles. This way it teaches us ways to make our future better and how to approach it.

2. Understanding Ourselves

We, humans, belong to many communities. We belong to a global community where people from all over the world share this planet. We belong to a continent where people are divided by oceans between them. We belong to national communities, and the division goes on. As the boundaries change, as the communities change, so do the people.

To understand that behavior, culture, and origin of new life, history lays the framework of understanding people. History tells us about our ancestors and where they came from. It tells us about the legacies that they have brought with them and the characteristics that we inherit. History, in short, gives us a better understanding of ourselves. And with an excellent 1-on-1 tutoring service you can excel in the subject of history.

3. Understanding Other People

Just as we see our culture, our inheritance, our lineage, we can also observe someone else’s too. History keeps a record of everyone. How they originated, what their inheritance is, their communal differences, their belief, and values.

History describes things about a persona which they might be unaware of. History gives us a deep understanding of where a person comes from and what things they follow. It gives us an idea of the identity of the person and describes their lineage.

Our country has a vast number of people belonging to different communities, races, religions, castes, etc. Living with people tells you how they have lived in the past but studying history will tell you how their ancestors have come to this place and how their life belongs to a certain country.

4. Understanding of Change

Even in today’s world, everybody experiences different changes. Similarly, this series of changes has affected many people in the past as well. Change is a concept that can be difficult to understand. Changes are how we humans have defined ourselves throughout the past. Every individual’s experiences have a different description of life in them. These experiences are shaped by societal norms, cultural differences, communal diversities, etc.

We know how individuals crave change and why. History gives us a detailed idea of how these changes have affected our past, present, and future. It helps us to understand when, how, and where a change has occurred that has reshaped the lives of people residing around them.

5. A Tool to be better Citizen

We all learn from the experiences of the past. History is the record of such experiences that have defined our present. Good citizens are the people who are informed of the working of the community they are living in, and no one can be informed unless paid attention to history.

History helps us understand our role in the community and how we can move along together for the betterment of society. History helps us in being good voters, regardless of which community we belong to, and helps us to serve society. We come to our nation with the responsibility of making everyone’s life better and history tells us what a long way we have covered.

6. Being a Good Decision Maker

Every decision we take today is influenced by our actions or experiences in the past. But to live a good life, we cannot always gain experiences by performing the task. Sometimes we take help from others, we learn from their mistakes and we understand their decisions in similar situations so that we can make a decision that will not make us regret.

History is that opportunity which records all our past mistakes, decisions, and how those decisions brought changes with them. It helps us understand people as a community and what works best for them. We become more compassionate, impartial, and a good judge as decision-makers. We can see thousands of examples of such decisions. Our judicial system is one of the best examples of how history shapes decisions.

7. An Appreciation of Everything

We tend to appreciate things that we know are hard-earned. Be it the independence, democracy, or the food we eat. The process of gaining such hard-earned things is mentioned in our history. A record of how our people fought to give us what we have today, how unemployment one has made thousands of jobs available, how humans have learned to be good neighbours.

History will give you a record of how civilization started and how we developed a sense of community amongst ourselves. It is not just the story of wars and heroes; history is the study of us and our lives. It is a record of how we originated, talked, hunted, and lived. History teaches us everything about everything.


When we meet new people, knowledge of their background helps us to be comfortable and get our work done easily. To get that comfort, we need to know of their community, culture, or maybe how they have grown up. History is the key through which we can unlock the past and understand human behavior in a very easy manner.

History is the study of experiences of how the world works. It gives us the knowledge of decisions that have made us into who we are. History is the lens that captures the identity and describes the life of a person, community, nation, and the world. The more we study, the more grateful we feel for the things we have today.

Studying history not just tells us about our past. It helps us develop habits and skills that lead us to serve our society and make the world a better place.

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